bulk petroleum storage facilitiesFrom independent storage companies to terminals owned by major processors, Bolt Construction specializes in new construction and maintenance upgrades for bulk storage facilities in the petroleum industry. We have successfully completed several projects, including oil terminals, ethanol and biodiesel plants, and refineries.


In addition to construction of a turnkey facility, we also perform many maintenance tasks to serve our customers:
  • Suction, jumper, and expansion loop piping
  • Loading racks and loading arms
  • Offloading positions
  • Pumps, valves, filters, and vapor recovery units
  • Blending, additive, and lubricity upgrades
  • Nozzle modifications
  • Tank repair
  • Skid fabrication and/or installation
  • Blind and skillet installation
  • Pneumatic and hydrostatic testing


Supporting work for bulk petroleum storage facilities includes:
  • Civil engineering
  • Concrete
  • Oil/water separator and drain piping
  • Dike containment
  • Stairs and platforms
  • Cathodic protection
  • Demolition