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Capabilities – JT Grinding – overview 01


I/O Compressor Station

Bolt was hired as general contractor to install three (3) 3616 Caterpillar compressors at a natural gas compressor station in Waynesburg, PA. As many as 60 workers were involved in the project.

Bolt was in charge of electrical, civil, insulation, painting, as well as mechanical installation. During the first month of the project, workers were held up with 26 days of rain. However, by relying on its workforce, Bolt was able to makeup the lost time and completed the project safely by its October 2015 deadline, meeting the customer’s expectations.

Capabilities – Carpenter Compressor Station – 02

Carpenter Compressor Station

Bolt was contracted for mechanical work for the Carpenter Compressor Station in West Alexander, Pa. Bolt utilized much of its own equipment, as well as outside crane rentals, to install three (3) 3608 Caterpillar compressors, and three (3) 3612 Caterpillar compressors. The station compresses natural gas and separates liquids to eventually end up at a processing plant.

As many as 85 workers were on-site throughout the project, with work including, but not limited to the installation of:

  • Receivers
  • Slug catcher
  • Inlet skid
  • Six compressors
  • Dehydration/processing skid
  • Fuel gas skid
  • Air compressor building
  • Lube oil system
  • Antifreeze system
  • Ultrasonic meter
  • Launcher
  • Five ASTs

This station was constructed under a very tight time frame with a large number of personnel on-site. A full-time safety representative was dedicated to this site as well as a full-time QC manager. This project was constructed on a seven day per week schedule in order to meet the customer needs.

The project was completed safely and within budget, and met its January 2015 deadline.

Capabilities – Charlotte Row of Valves – 03

CLT Fuel System Improvements: Phase II

In Nov. 2013, Bolt was contracted to complete general contracting and piping installation at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport fuel farm’s jet fuel storage and dispensing system in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The $8 million project was a continuation of phasing construction to upgrade the CDIA fuel system and included installing a new fuel filtering and dispensing system with:

  • New 16″ pipeline to the new “E” ramp vault
  • Modified pipeline receiving piping to tanks and receiving filters

The challenge was to replace the old fuel system with the new system without interrupting the continuous flow of fuel to the airplane ramp. Using six (6) 1000 gal. min. pumps, six (6) 1200 gal. min. filters, numerous flow control valves, and block and bleed valves at the pumps and tanks, some 30 Bolt workers and subcontractors were able to upgrade the facility while keeping the airport supplied with fuel.

Bolt completed the project safely by its August 2015 deadline, meeting the customer’s expectations.

Svcs OVERVIEW – Pisces


Bolt Construction was awarded Pisces Dehy Station in Claysville, Pa as the mechanical contractor. In addition to the mechanical work the scope also included insulation, civil and painting/coating. Bolt was responsible for setting and installing the following equipment:

  • (3) Three 10,000-gallon Slug Catcher
  • (4) Four Horizontal Coalescing Filters
  • (2) Two Contactor Towers
  • (2) Two Dehy Regeneration Units
  • (1) One Main Fuel Gas Skid
  • (3) Three 2200-gallon Air Receivers
  • (1) Capstone C-600 Generator
  • (1) MCC Building
  • (1) Air Compressor Building
  • (2) Receiver Skids
  • (2) Launcher Skids

Pisces Dehy Station was awarded in April 2019 and was mechanically complete in November 2019. Utilizing both a fabrication shop crew and a field crew this project was completed on time hitting all major schedule milestones following the critical path.

Svcs OVERVIEW – Indianola


In June 2020, Bolt Construction was contracted to make mechanical modifications and enhancements to the Indianola terminal in Indianola, Pa. This project’s duration was from June through September of 2020 and consisted of the following install and modifications:

  • Install new Pipeline Manifold skid
  • Install two (2) VRU pump skids and associated piping to two (2) existing tanks.
  • Install new product 8” x 8” pump for an existing tank and associated suction and discharge piping.
  • Install new Mixed Product Offload Pump Skid and associated piping.
  • Install new Duplex Filter skids and associated piping.
  • Install new Butane Offload piping.
  • Isolate and drain down of existing manifold piping for modification and demolition.
  • Truck Rack Piping modifications.
  • Hot tie-in work and limited Terminal time shutdown windows.


This project was under construction by a mechanical contractor that was unable to complete the work or meet the customer’s quality standards. Bolt Construction was then brought onsite to complete the remainder of the project and to fix any errors made by the previous mechanical contractor. Bolt was able to complete this project safely and efficiently on a tight schedule.