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Our History

Since 1981, we have continued to specialize within the petroleum and natural gas industries – specifically construction of airport fueling systems, gas compressor stations, gathering systems, and bulk storage petroleum piping. Bolt is headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio.

Our project engineers and field superintendents have combined decades of market experience with a sterling record in construction to provide our customers with dependable products that meet their exact specifications. As general contractor or subcontractor, our team is committed to providing you with the most effective solution for your project with a focus on safety, quality workmanship and timely completion.

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Why Bolt Construction


Bolt Construction is dedicated to safety from the upper management and down. All new hires are put through a training process before they are ever allowed to enter the field. The training includes our own in house safety programs and then all employees are given the OHSA 10 hour course. Annual training of all safety programs are given to each employee.

All employees are subject to pre-employment drug testing with randoms to follow. Bolt Construction’s full time Safety Director oversees all of our safety programs to insure that we are in compliance with the oil and gas industry.

Operator Qualified Employees

Bolt Construction is a member or ISNetworld, Veriforce and PEC Premier. We are an accredited training facility for NCCER which allows us to train our employees in house for ISNetworld. We also have evaluators on staff for all Veriforce OQ training. Bolt Construction has OQ trained employees in many tasks for both ISNetworld and Veriforce at all times to allow for immediate response to our customers.

Environmental Consciousness

We keep environmental concerns in the forefront of each project we complete. We follow the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) governing codes that regulate hydrocarbon facilities by providing Hazmat and Hazwopper trained employees.

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Our Location

Bolt Construction’s 20,000-square-foot Fabrication Shop is located on 11 acres of property in Youngstown, Ohio. Our 200-plus employees are able to handle work on large-scale projects, such as:

  • Natural Gas Compressor Stations
  • Pumping Stations
  • Hydrant fuel systems
  • Construction of Bulk Petroleum storage facilities
Our Fabrication Shop features doors wide enough to accommodate large projects, as well as 32-foot hook height with two 15-ton and two 5-ton overhead cranes. We continually have in-house welders certified to both ASME and API. With our qualified welding procedures of SMAW, SAW, GMAW, and FCAW, we are sure to have a procedure to fit our customers’ needs.

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Our Equipment

Bolt Construction has a wide variety of company owned equipment. Cranes ranging from 25 tons and down, excavators, backhoes, bull dozers, bobcats, and man lifts to name a few. We also have calibrated pressure and temperature recorders, as well as deadweights for pneumatic or hydrostatic testing. All manual, pneumatic, and hydraulic torque wrenches are calibrated on a bi-annual basis.
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Our Certifications

Bolt Construction is certified in many various aspects to complete any type of plant construction. Including but not limited to:

OQ Trained Employees
Certified Crane Operators
Certified Manlift Operators